About Carshalton & Wallington Conservatives

Membership of the Carshalton & Wallington Conservative Association is a positive way of getting involved in your local community. Our local campaigners are working on the issues that affect us all.

People are better represented once they have actually been asked for their views. Regular surveying is therefore carried out across the entire Constituency in order to establish the most pressing concerns for constituents.

By working with local people, Conservatives keep a very close eye on the provision of services like health and policing. Where services fall below public expectation, they actively campaign to highlight the issue and frequently get problems resolved either for individuals or the community as a whole.

Quality of life issues usually top the list of local concerns and Conservatives have clearly established themselves as the champions of the local environment. By working hard and lobbying government for changes in the law to help improve the speed of response when cars and rubbish get dumped. Conservatives are accurately reflecting the concerns felt by local residents in Carshalton, Wallington and Beddington.

It's not just about politics! Membership of Carshalton and Wallington Conservatives is fun too! With regular social and fundraising events, being a part of our association is a great way to meet like-minded local people for lively discussion and friendship.

Why not join us? You can find information about joining the Conservatives please contact us.